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Javier Pérez Sandoval Colombian Jazz Composer. Latin Grammy nominated.  Has published two books about Colombian tradicional music. Leader and producer of  Carrera Quinta Colombian ensemble.

Carrera Quinta Nominados al Latin grammy como mejor álbum de Latin Jazz

Carrera Quinta Nominados al Latin grammy como mejor álbum de Latin Jazz

Studied his masters degree in Jazz composition and arranging at University Of Louisville Jamey Aebersold Jazz studies program studying with the great   John La Barbera. Javier Pérez´s compositions have been played by Jazz ensemble I at University of Louisville, in Colombia by Carrera Quinta ensemble and Orquesta sinfonica de Loja in Ecuador. In 2013 received a commission from the Bogota Jazz festival Big band «Jazz al parque 2013», the biggest jazz festival in Colombia. Rencently his Big band suite «Take a deep Breath» was awarded in a national composition competition in Colombia.

His articles and books about Colombian traditional music have been published by the Colombian Cultural department. Some of his original works and Colombian music arrangements  have been requested by Berklee´s college of music professor Oscar stagnaro for education purposes. In november 2011 was invited to give a workshop about Colombian Music in Berklee College of music.

Modal step: piece commissioned by Bogota Jazz festival 2013

El intensos performed by Carrera Quinta ensamble @ Berklee College of music

Colombian Music Workshop @ Berklee College of music


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